Tips on Building A Life Around Values

Tips on Building A Life Around Values

Tips On Building Life Around Values

So, Imagine yourself driving down the highway of growth, and it is up to you to choose which exit to take!

You will get advice from many, but you are ultimately in charge of YOUR path.

  • Do you plan to finish high school? Go to college?
  • Should you join an extra-curricular activity?
  • Will I date?, and if so what kind of person?
  • What type of friends do you want to be around?
  • Will I drink, smoke, and/or do drugs?
  • What will be your attitude towards life?
  • Will you skip school with your friends?
  • Sex before marriage?
  • Will you have a good relationship with your family?
  • How will you serve your community?
  • Will you choose to like yourself?
  • What will you stand for?

I challenge you to honestly answer those questions above and realize that the paths you choose today, will impact your life forever. Honestly, it will be both frightening and exciting. You will make so many decisions, some good and some bad, during your years of teenage-hood!

Good decision-making is influenced by building a life around values. So, what are values?

Values are a list of beliefs or standards, that you personally choose to follow, and apply to your lifestyle. It is what you are going to use as your life foundation, which will assist in shaping your attitude and character towards making life decisions. What’s important to you?

So below are some tips to help you build your life around values! Also, a brief example with each that you could hold yourself accountable to in school/work/community include:

  • Connection e.g. When I am in a new environment, I will try meeting new people
  • Compassion e.g. I will listen more during conversations
  • Determination e.g. Focus on finishing projects and assignments
  • Education e.g. Reading homework chapters before the next class period
  • Empowerment e.g. Listening to motivational music or speeches to start the day         Tips On Building A Life Around Values
  • Equality e.g. Focus on being fair to others
  • Family e.g. Setting time out to spend with people I love
  • Flexibility e.g. Don’t overcommit
  • Fun e.g. Be open to new experiences
  • Genuine e.g. Smile when you pass someone
  • Gratitude e.g. Give thanks for all your blessings
  • Hard work e.g. Plan and take action
  • Honesty e.g. Tell the truth during conversations
  • Inner Peace e.g. Focus on a healthy mindset
  • Love e.g. Caring for others as yourself
  • Loyalty e.g. Focus on keeping your promises to others
  • Optimism e.g. Do positive affirmation in the mornings
  • Trust e.g. Focus on being consistent
  • Passion e.g. Do things that don’t feel like work
  • Uniqueness e.g. Try not to be like anyone else. Be yourself
  • Inspiration e.g. Say positive things to yourself

When on the path of building your life around values, establishing self-discipline allows us to live up to the standards we set for ourselves and build good morals. Motivational speaker Billy Alsbrooks said it best “Self-discipline is the link that connects your dreams to reality.”

We discuss more in detail about values, as I share my story of applying valuable principles in my new book, Live, Learn and Lead Powerfully: A Teen Leadership Guide. Also, make sure you make it to my upcoming book signing, June 30th 2019 at 3pm… Malaprop’s Book Store, downtown Asheville, NC. Would love to see you there!

I would also love to speak at your next event, check out the programs I have to offer!

Lastly, always remember tomorrow is yours to create, and don’t limit yourself.

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