Running on Empty

Running on Empty


Sadly, many of us in today’s hectic times is running on empty.

We all want to achieve, succeed, and be successful in this world so we try really hard to do everything that we can, but sometimes we just get overwhelmed.

And sometimes on top of that overwhelmed feeling, we usually are reminded that many times this world isn’t such a nice place. Some of us will even go out and get a dog because they aren’t so demanding…

When you’re running on life’s treadmills going nowhere fast, it may seem that life is hopeless. Your tank of hope is on empty because you’re running on empty. In addition, it may also feel like this world is sucking the life out of you.

Well, guess what? I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way if you feed your mind. You see, this world drains your emotional bank account, so you need to fill it back up with emotionally positive deposits. And not just fill it back up, but fill it back up so that it’s over-flowing!

When your emotional bank account is filled up to the point that it is over-flowing with the abundance of good, then the world draining your emotional bank account doesn’t hurt so much

In fact, when you feed your mind with tons of positive reinforcement through, positive books, audios, videos, and time well-spent with family and friends you’ll be feeding your mind and filling your emotional bank account with the extra stuff it will need so you won’t’ have to worry so much about negatives and the negative people in this world.

Feeding your mind and filling your emotional bank account up so that it is overflowing with goodness will act as a coat or armor leaving you unharmed and smiling even when facing disappointments, rude people, and setbacks in your life.

Try it. You won’t be sorry if you do…


Hopefully, you found this brief  post informational, and it motivates you to grow more valuable to others.  Also, I would love to speak at your next event, check out the programs I have to offer!

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Lastly, always remember tomorrow is yours to create, and don’t limit yourself.

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