Parents, Educators, and Youth Advocates...Everything you need to know about Be the Fuel youth Summit is below!!

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Dear Parent, Educator, or Youth Advocate of students ages 13-17,



Chaz Jackson here, host and founder of Be the Fuel Youth Virtual Summit. I know what has gone on in the last few months has disrupted life as we know it. For many of our youth, the plans of hanging out with friends, graduation, summer holidays and just figuring out life after high school show even more uncertainty as you read this!

Be the Fuel Youth Summit was designed to let our youth know we value and care about them during this pandemic. The summit team is dedicated to helping encourage every person who is reading this message to the forefront with leadership. As you are aware in many communities, schools/classes are either moving to remote learning or being completely canceled for an extended period of time. Educators are working so hard navigating the world of remote learning and how to make it the best experience possible moving into the next academic year. Parents are having a tough time navigating with homeschooling their children and searching for ways to keep them engaged with their studies.

These changes have the potential to create unplanned stress and isolation of the youth, which is what inspired my team to create Be the Fuel Youth Summit. This summit is strategically designed to align any viewer's mind towards greatness. This is a FREE resource that will provide personal growth, leadership development, and inspire our youth to face the Coronavirus crisis together as a community.

There are 16 life-changing speakers, trainers, coaches who have pulled together youth-centered training in the area of mindset, wellness, stress management, overcoming fear and adversity, leadership and mental health, which are key to help the youth overcome the effects of Covid-19.

On behalf of the summit speakers, and myself, I would like to humbly invite you to view the topics on the free virtual summit page and share the virtual learning opportunity with your learners and their parents to choose the best topics that work best for you!

I want to thank you for your time, effort and dedication to yourself and others around you. It is key to continue on the journey of developing the next generation of leaders and I pray for you all to keep pressing forward during these times. If you require more information to not hesitate to reach out to us. God Bless!


Chazeray "Chaz" Jackson

Founder-Be the Fuel Youth Summit


Below is the line of speakers for Be the Fuel Youth Summit. Click on the photo and access their video and bio. 

Chazeray "Chaz" Jackson

Moments of Impact

Sean Douglas

Building Resilience During Down Moments

Tami Matheny

Right Minded Focus

Dominique "Dom" Brightmon 

Keys to Staying Positive During a Crisis

Bruce Waller

Building Community to Overcome

Daniel Blanchard

Survive & Thrive the Covid-19 Pandemic

LoriKay Paden

Staying Healthy & Fit during the Pandemic

Rodney Allgood

What Are Your Superpowers?

Jordan Wavra

Yoga (Mindfulness) & Nutrition

Altovise Pelzer

Become #Unmuted

Chris Burns

What is Most Important?

Josh Jordan

Teamwork & Accountability

Dr. Adair White-Johnson

Create Your Story

Gershom "DRG" Allen

Defeating Procrastination

Nicole Rule

How Money Works

Kaplan Mobray

Preparing for Road Ahead


This summit was created to give parents, educators and youth advocates access to on-demand wisdom and encouragement to help their students navigate through life difficulties. 

Be the Fuel Youth Summit is 100% free for all students ages 13 and above. We only ask that you register for the event on the home page.

The summit is 100% virtual and you will have unlimited access once you register. The platform is ready to help your student grow towards their strongest version of themselves.

Due to what is going on in society today, and the struggles our kids are facing, the speakers presenting in this virtual summit, is fully equipped to provide life tools that can be practiced right away. The sessions recorded is strategically designed to align your student's mind towards greatness and assist them in maximizing their potential personally and academically. The summit team is also willing to provide additional support if needed as well.

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