Life of Earthquakes: An Inspirational Story

Life of Earthquakes: An Inspirational Story

I was inspired by a story brought to my attention from a biblical devotional my wife and I read together.

I wanted to share it with you because I personally feel we all should strive to have a parent-child relationship bond like the one in the story. The story was about a devastating earthquake that occurred on December 7, 1988, in Armenia. It was estimated that 25,000 individuals died that day. In a small town after the quake, a father rushed to his son’s school to make sure he was okay.

When he got there, he found that the earthquake had destroyed the building to the point that there was no sign of life! The father did not have a second thought about turning back, he remembered often telling his son, “No matter what, I will always be there when you need me.”

Life of Earthquakes: An Inspirational Story

So the father began removing rubble from where he believed his son’s classroom was. No other parents volunteered to help; they would often tell the father to go home. They told him all the children are dead and there is no way the children survived. The father continued to dig, remembering what he promised his son that he would always be there.

After 38 hours of digging, the story says that the father lifted a heavy piece of rubble where he heard in a “tent-like hole”, voices, and saw his son! The father saved 14 children, including his son that day.

What hit home for me was the son said to his father, “I told the other kids not to worry. I told them that if you were alive, you’d save me, and when you saved me, they will be saved. You promised you would always be there for me! You did it, Dad!”

This story fired me up as a father, and I am sure it fired up the kid that was saved by the father that kept his promise.

It made me think about the parent that I am striving to be and how I want my kids to believe in me. I want them always to feel that I will be there for them, as long as I have breath in my body, led by God. I encourage you to remember this story and strive to make your parent-child relationship and love as strong as the father and son, regardless of what earthquakes life throws at you!

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