Interview on Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast with Chris Burns

Interview on Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast

Show Notes:

– Discipline

– Love to help physically and mentally

– Live, learn and lead powerfully

– Turn your jungle into a garden

– May 2012 life changed forever

– Chaz was on the verge of losing everything

– Chaz’ Masculine encounter with God

– Season of obsessiveness

– When you learn how to serve others and are aware of your gifts, it becomes a MUST to share them

– Story can be oxygen

– 103 3 year olds in Chaz’ daughter

– The daily challenge to become a passionate visionary

– Overcoming adversity

– Why Chaz wrote the book

– The fear Triangle

– The first strategy to overcome fear – The presence of God, meaning goodness and inspiration

– Who you are

– Chances of being born

– The finished mindset

– Tackle forgotten potential

– Living an oppressed life

– Self-empowerment

– Who are you going to be around in 20 years?

– Chaz’ car crash

– Don Miguel Ruiz – 4 agreements – We’re magicians casting spells and breaking spells

– Empowerment vs. oppression

– Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times

– 8th place, but you’re still loved

– Good role models

– What is the kid passionate about?

– Eagle – comes out during the storm


Listen to Podcast Episode Here


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Lastly, keep those crowns on your HEARTS…and always remember tomorrow is yours to create, and don’t limit yourself.

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