Chaz Jackson Speaks

Tips and Inspirational Reads So You Can Start To Make a Difference Now

Chaz Jackson Speaks

Tips and Inspirational Reads So You Can Start To Make a Difference Now

Tips On Building Life Around Values

Tips on Building A Life Around Values

By Chaz Jackson | May 20, 2019 |

Tips on Building A Life Around Values So, Imagine yourself driving down the highway of growth, and it is up to you to choose which exit to take! You will get advice from many, but you are ultimately in charge of YOUR path. Do you plan to finish high school? Go to college? Should you join an extra-curricular activity? Will…

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3 Ways to Motivate Any Student Chaz Jackson

3 Ways to Motivate Any Student

By Chaz Jackson | Apr 24, 2019 |

I have discovered two things so far on my journey, that we can only control what we give to others and what we accept from others. Who we are and where we want to go (goals we set) determine what we do (priorities) and what we accomplish (how we perform). As educators, mentors, and parents, it’s our responsibility to provide…

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3 tips towards discovering if your teen is a bully

3 Tips towards Discovering if your Teen is a Bully

By Chaz Jackson | Mar 16, 2019 |

3 Tips towards Discovering if your Teen is a Bully Does your child signs of harming or tease others? Do they get jealous or angry fast? Do you suspect that your child is a bully? Then this post is for you! Our job as parents, teachers, and caregivers is to help protect our children the best way we can. One…

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Chaz Jackson Speaks

3 Valuable Tips On Growing Your Passion

By Chaz Jackson | Feb 20, 2019 |

3 Valuable Tips on Growing Your Passion Don’t you dislike when you just are trying to grow what you are passionate about, and you are stuck on where to start? Have you ever sat down at your computer and just stared at the monitor because you don’t know what to put out to the world? Don’t worry we have all…

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3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Kid Confidence

3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence

By Chaz Jackson | Jan 16, 2019 |

3 Key Tips On How To Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence Cyberbullying is the newest form of bullying that takes on a new approach to traditional forms of bullying. As of 2019, the percentage of children reports of being bullied via the internet or cell phone has grown.  I shared about bullying in a previous blog “What is Cyber Bullying“, that…

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Chaz jackson Speaks Live Learn and Lead Book Cover

Intro to Live, Learn & Lead POWERFULLY!

By Chaz Jackson | Dec 20, 2018 |

“Keep your head and your heart going in the right direction, and you will not have to worry about your feet” Dr. Miles Munroe You have probably read the title of this book and said to yourself; it sounds pretty cool to learn how to live, learn, and lead powerfully! Or, maybe your parent or a close friend recommended it…

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4 tips a Motivating Leader knows

4 Tips a Motivating Leader Knows

By Chaz Jackson | Nov 16, 2018 |

4 Tips a Motivating Leader Knows So, before we dive deep into the meat and potatoes of this post. Let’s take a moment and think about that one person that has positively impacted your life. That person that shows enthusiasm, and passion towards making a difference in the lives of others. The person who made a difference in your life…

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5 quick tips on how to motivate your kids in sports

5 Quick Tips on How to Motivate Your Kids in Sports

By Chaz Jackson | Nov 5, 2018 |

5 quick tips on how to motivate your kids in sports Extra-curricular activities, such as sports give our younger generation an opportunity to expand and master other skills outside of normal course of study in school. I had the opportunity to play sports, up to the collegiate level in football. Looking back over the years of playing sports and actually…

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6 tips to get your teen to wake up early Chaz Jackson Speaks

6 Easy Tips to Get Your Teen to Wake Up Early

By Chaz Jackson | Oct 19, 2018 |

For some people, waking up early is as natural as breathing. Lucky them. It’s a struggle I know from personal experience, challenging myself to wake up at 4:30am every day. However, for many others like our young adults, waking up early is a tough task. I truly believe using the motivational tips below can give them a better way to start…

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How to stop cyber bullying screenshot of instagram log in screen

How to Stop Cyber Bullying 

By Chaz Jackson | Sep 27, 2018 |

Sure, you’re familiar with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., right?   Our kids tend to spend a significant amount of time on these social media powerhouses. We’ve talked about cyberbullying in a previous blog post: What is Cyberbullying? And, now I’d like to dive deep and share some ways to stop it from happening in your area! Social media sites are…

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