Interview on The Teacher Recharge Podcast with Fred Koepp

Interview on The Teacher Recharge Podcast with Fred Koepp

Teacher Recharge

As a teen, my High School Football Coach made a positive impact on me!

Through my influences and other mentors progressing into my adulthood, I learned the importance of character, leadership, and teamwork through sports and life experiences… Now, I get to take that same message of hope to students, parents, and educators around the country on platforms such as: Non-Profit Organizations, College level, Middle/High school level, Athletic Sport Teams and Churches!
I was born in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, on May 28, 1987. I grew up in a low-income area, where everyday living had its ups and downs. Throughout my grade school years, I experienced a lot of altercations from incidents such as: being bullied and picked on by other kids, as well as other red flag behaviors at school. 
Those childhood experiences affected me progressing into adult years…causing a lot of low confidence, self-esteem problems, developing false identities, substance abuse & being incarcerated due to poor behavior and decision making… Which all contributed to unresolved tragic events and lack of self-love. But, despite all the trials, I always had a strong inner voice that reminded me that I am worthy of greatness! 
I can proudly say I love myself, I am confident and I am fulfilled in every department of my life. The difficulties I have overcome, has made me the Godly man I am today! Invite you to check out the podcast below:

Listen to Podcast Episode Here

I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode and post. I invite you to comment below your thoughts and comments on the subject. Will be greatly appreciated! Please check out my new book, Live, Learn and Lead Powerfully: A Teen Leadership GuideAlso, I would also love to speak at your next event, check out the programs I have to offer! 3 tips on growing your passion

Lastly, keep those crowns on your HEARTS…and always remember tomorrow is yours to create, and don’t limit yourself.

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