Intro to Live, Learn & Lead POWERFULLY!

Chaz jackson Speaks Live Learn and Lead Book Cover

“Keep your head and your heart going in the right direction, and you will not have to worry about your feet” Dr. Miles Munroe You have probably read the title of this book and said to yourself; it sounds pretty cool to learn how to live, learn, and lead powerfully! Or, maybe your parent or…

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Running on Empty

Running on Empty   Sadly, many of us in today’s hectic times is running on empty. We all want to achieve, succeed, and be successful in this world so we try really hard to do everything that we can, but sometimes we just get overwhelmed. And sometimes on top of that overwhelmed feeling, we usually…

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Interview on The Teacher Recharge Podcast with Fred Koepp

Teacher Recharge

Interview on The Teacher Recharge Podcast with Fred Koepp As a teen, my High School Football Coach made a positive impact on me! Through my influences and other mentors progressing into my adulthood, I learned the importance of character, leadership, and teamwork through sports and life experiences… Now, I get to take that same message of…

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