Be Willing To Stretch: Motivational Tip

Be Willing To Stretch:  Motivational Tip Repeat after me… I am surrounded by friends who have done what I want to do and done it authentically. They have a positive attitude, a solution-oriented approach to life, and strives o accomplish their dreams and goals, regardless of the circumstance! They will help me STRETCH, as I…

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Basic Facts About Strength Training


Basic Facts About Strength Training Chaz Jackson here, hope this post finds you well Kings and Queens. As many of you readers know, outside of being a Motivational Speaker and Author,  I am also certified in Physical Therapy, specializing in Orthopedics and currently apart of the Southeastern Physical Therapy team. I have experience working as…

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Interview on Going North Podcast with Dom Brightmon

Podcast Guest

Going North Podcast Guest -Motivational Speaker/Author Chaz Jackson Check out this link below. I am so humbled and blessed to be featured on this platform!!  Listen To Interview Here   I hope you enjoyed the article. Please check out my new book, Live, Learn and Lead Powerfully: A Teen Leadership Guide. Also, make sure you…

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5 Quick Tips on How to Motivate Your Kids in Sports

5 quick tips on how to motivate your kids in sports

5 quick tips on how to motivate your kids in sports Extra-curricular activities, such as sports give our younger generation an opportunity to expand and master other skills outside of normal course of study in school. I had the opportunity to play sports, up to the collegiate level in football. Looking back over the years…

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6 Easy Tips to Get Your Teen to Wake Up Early

6 tips to get your teen to wake up early Chaz Jackson Speaks

For some people, waking up early is as natural as breathing. Lucky them. It’s a struggle I know from personal experience, challenging myself to wake up at 4:30am every day. However, for many others like our young adults, waking up early is a tough task. I truly believe using the motivational tips below can give them…

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Creating the Best Teen Workout for YOU 

The best workout plan is one created around your goals, diet plan, age, and free time allowed. It may seem difficult to develop your own workout routine, but you can look for tips on building your own workout plan to make things easy and fun. So, I know you’re big on facts… Here are seven…

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