Why Do Children Bully?

ddressing bullying in children and teens small boy sitting alone in car with sad look on his face

I remember dating back to five years old, returning to school after a tragic scooter accident… I obtained a head injury and it left an abnormal looking scar on my forehead. Things were never the same afterwards… I developed this hard and isolated shell because of being labeled as different from my other classmates. Kids would call me mean names, laugh and point fingers as I…

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3 Tips towards Discovering if your Teen is a Bully

3 tips towards discovering if your teen is a bully

3 Tips towards Discovering if your Teen is a Bully Does your child signs of harming or tease others? Do they get jealous or angry fast? Do you suspect that your child is a bully? Then this post is for you! Our job as parents, teachers, and caregivers is to help protect our children the…

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3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence

3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Kid Confidence

3 Key Tips On How To Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence Cyberbullying is the newest form of bullying that takes on a new approach to traditional forms of bullying. As of 2019, the percentage of children reports of being bullied via the internet or cell phone has grown.  I shared about bullying in a previous blog…

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How to Stop Cyber Bullying 

How to stop cyber bullying screenshot of instagram log in screen

Sure, you’re familiar with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., right?   Our kids tend to spend a significant amount of time on these social media powerhouses. We’ve talked about cyberbullying in a previous blog post: What is Cyberbullying? And, now I’d like to dive deep and share some ways to stop it from happening in your…

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How to Prevent Bullying 

Black and white image of a sad boy with tears on his face Chaz Jackson How to prevent bullying

It’s a harsh reality that bullying continues to roam within our school systems.   Most kids don’t know how to prevent bullying or change the bully within themselves. This is a critical time in our children’s lives, and we as adults must step in to ensure that it doesn’t occur. In a previous post we…

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Tips For Teachers

Inspiring a change in bullying chaz jackson speaks

Inspiring a Change in Bullying – If you are a teacher or a caregiver, there are some tips I would like to share with you to help you tackle this topic with your students.   Bullying seems to be an issue found in every school today, and teachers and parents should not take this lightly. Children…

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What is Cyber Bullying?

upclose view of a motherboard in a computer chaz jackson

Did you know in 2017 over 81 percent of the population had a social media profile, and that percentage is continuing to grow in 2018? With such great advances in technology comes an increase in the way kids can pick on each other. It used to be that bullying was just in the schoolyard, on…

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