Basic Facts About Strength Training

Basic Facts About Strength Training


Chaz Jackson here, hope this post finds you well Kings and Queens.

As many of you readers know, outside of being a Motivational Speaker and Author,  I am also certified in Physical Therapy, specializing in Orthopedics and currently apart of the Southeastern Physical Therapy team. I have experience working as a  travel/contract therapist assistant and have gained knowledge in long term, acute and orthopedic care. Along the way I have developed a great understanding on the subject of health and fitness.

I want to talk about strength training in the post, something I have applied to my lifestyle for over 21 years. I truly believe it is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle. So let’s get started!

Strength is related to the force output of a contracting muscle. It is directly related to the amount of tension a shortened muscle can produce in a given activity. Strength training helps prevent injuries and promote quality of life by: enhancing muscle performance, increase strength in connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, promote strong bones, improve balance, promote lean muscle mgeert-pieters-535211-unsplashass, and decrease body fat

Frequency during strength program:

  • Beginner program– 2 sessions per week
  • Children and Elderly– 2 to 3 sessions per week
  • Highly trained athletes– up to 6 sessions per week

Strength training is high intensity with low repetitions to promote bigger muscles. Two to four exercises, 3 sets of 4 repetitions for maximal results. Strength gains are recognized after 2 to 3 weeks, primarily result of neural adaption. Muscle growth is not developed until 6 to 12 weeks of resistance training.

Key principles for strength/resistance training:

Intensity-exercises load (amount of resistance)

Volume– the total # of repetitions

Exercise order– the sequence of exercise program

Frequency– the # of exercise sessions per day or week

Rest interval– recuperation period during and post exercises

Duration– total time of exercise program

What is your favorite routine or workout?

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