4 Tips a Motivating Leader Knows

4 Tips a Motivating Leader Knows

4 tips a Motivating Leader knows

So, before we dive deep into the meat and potatoes of this post. Let’s take a moment and think about that one person that has positively impacted your life.

That person that shows enthusiasm, and passion towards making a difference in the lives of others. The person who made a difference in your life personally.  We would call that person a leader correct?

What I have discovered on my journey, is a large chunk of society thinks that they are born to be a follower, and others are born to be leaders. I disagree with this!

True, many leaders have the same enthusiasm, charismatic, ambitious personalities throughout their lives – but some people who were once oppressed, shy, and quiet have become great leaders, too. I definitely know from experience.

I believe anyone can be a leader, if they truly believe in themselves!

Most leaders are created from having an overwhelming desire to make a difference in their environment.  Leaders are passionate visionaries, who are determined to leave a legacy for themselves, by adopting unwavering life values and serving others in an area of gifting, led by God.

On this blog post, I want to provide 4 tips a motivating leader knows. Excited about sharing this with you! Let’s get started:

Tip One: Not easy to motivate people

Motivating people is indeed not easy. A leader that wants to motivate others must be aware of each individual ability to be driven. Leaders know that a huge part of motivating others is determined by individual personalities. This can take time to discover, depending on your group, or experience.4 tips a Motivating Leader knows

When you start engaging with people, there will be many different quirks, personalities, and idiosyncrasies. Leaders know when planning group projects, building enthusiasm in others, that juggling many different duties and finding what works for a specific person is key.

It is also important to remember that striving to please every single person in a group project “individually,” you may end up pleasing no one. This is a poor way to motivate people.

 I have discovered on my journey, that one of the best ways to motivate is being motivated yourself.

Showing behaviors such as: expressing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control!  Like my grandma would say, “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk.” Leaders let their actions become enthusiasm and motivation for others!

Tip Two: Nothing ever comes out completely perfect.

Now, leaders know and understand this one thing: no matter how hard you try, you can never make something turn out the way you want it, and you can never get a perfect end product.

Take a huge exhale.

Now, this also means that you need to keep on striving to overcome difficult times. Motivating leaders do not dwell on your mistakes.

They take value in learning from them instead. Leaders know that they cannot move forward without letting go of the past. It is hard to look forward when you are consistently looking back over your shoulder!

 I encourage you to not waste your time thinking and mulling over what you did wrong in class, or what you said wrong during that meeting, or what you could have done right during your day, just keep on moving forward, and the next time tries some different, that you didn’t try before. Motivating leaders know this is key.

Tip Three: Be Exposed

Motivating leaders are not afraid to show some anger and emotion when they are honestly not having the best day.  You’re a human right? You can’t smile all the time, or be happy all the time (kind of weird), or laugh all the time (and look insane).

If you’re not having the best start to your morning, be exposed and share with your team. If you are mad at your team, be firm; but don’t be afraid to show them that they’ve done something wrong.

If you don’t agree with something, or you feel you are taking advantage of speak up and let others know what you think. Motivating leaders take pride in being a authentic person. This is key in building trust and healthy relationships, being a person of character

If you don’t take anything else from this post, be true to yourself, and you can see that your team will be faithful to you – just don’t overdo it.4 tips a Motivating Leader knows

Tip Four: Prepare rewards with appreciation

When it is necessary, I personally believe recognizing those who are going above and beyond to make themselves better, as well as others, should be identified.

Motivating leaders know the value of just telling an individual or group members to thank you for their hard work.

This is one of the best ways to motivate someone to keep pressing forward towards their dreams and goals.

So I encourage you as your reward as a leader, don’t stop at a thank you, but be willing to invest in others.  Spend time outside of the project, team, or organization.

Promise a treat at a nearby restaurant if you all make a passing grade, win an award, make a quota or get the job done. This way, you can all celebrate together, and you effectively show your team that this is a job for all of you, not just for them working under your orders.

Hopefully, you found this post informational and these 4 tips on things a motivating leader knows.  As always, I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to come and speak on this topic of motivating leaders at your next event. I encourage you to click and check out some programs I have to offer!.


Lastly, I invite you to remember this: Tomorrow is yours to create, don’t limit yourself!

4 Tips a Motivating Leader Knows


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