3 Valuable Tips On Growing Your Passion

3 Valuable Tips on Growing Your Passion

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Don’t you dislike when you just are trying to grow what you are passionate about, and you are stuck on where to start?

Have you ever sat down at your computer and just stared at the monitor because you don’t know what to put out to the world? Don’t worry we have all been there, and I am going to help you out…

Listen, you have value to offer, I truly believe you have an inherent gift to contribute to the world, you just have to find the proper keys to unlock those gifts within led by God! So, let’s back up and define what passion is. I believe passion is viewed as a stable and barely controllable emotional presence towards a necessary plan or objective. Someone that is passionate shows signs of enthusiasm, focus, and energy towards a hobby, work, or future dream or goal.

Passionate people that strive to give value to others:
• Remind themselves daily about why they are pursuing their passion.
• They surround themselves with dependable people that can hold them accountable.
• They stay away from habitual influences that don’t positively help their passion.
• Write their passion and goals down on paper along with ways to strive towards or maintain them for the long term.
• Rehearse and visualize what they want to accomplish daily.

Another key to mention about passionate people is he/she is self-aware that growing their own personal self physically and mentally is important. An example is reading books to expand your knowledge on a subject.

If you learned something that is helping you towards achieving your dreams or helping your target market solve a problem, guess what?


So, without further due, let’s talk about 3 Valuable Tips on Growing Your Passion:

Tip One

I want to keep this tip simple, but effective! Grab the book, attend a webinar, join groups and attend events. Study other top leaders and mentors doing what you are passionate about. Discover their “Betty Crocker Formula” that works for them. Believe me when I tell you, “Success Leaves Clues.” Be willing to find the clues left by some of the best in the business!

3 Tips on Growing my Passion

Tip Two

Turn your notes into videos. It is as simple as turn your camera on and starts recording. You can use various platforms, Facebook live, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to share with others. People will begin to say things like “You are really helping me!” “You look exciting and energetic!” “I never saw you so happy.” Find what works for you! It is an amazing way to store information in your memory bank (brain) as well. This is a good tip because it allows you to have a saved visual you can review later yourself, and serve others in an area of gifting led by God. I personally use YouTube and I am amazed by going back to my old videos and review some of my best motivational talks. It helps me personally and give value to my audience.

Tip Three

Take that recorded video, and turn it into a blog post. And, Kings and Queens, we always have to remember our “Call to Action.” Call to action is a way to keep others involved on what you are trying to accomplish, or direct someone to more value you offer (products, or services) This may be a strategy long-term, once you get established and begin to build a following in your passion.

I genuinely believe that you are destined to make an impact within yourself personally, as well as the lives of others. Keep in mind to enjoy the process along the way and show gratitude towards doing what you love. You can never go wrong when you imagine big, follow your heart and chase your passion wholeheartedly.
We discuss more in detail about discovering passion in my new book, Live, Learn and Lead Powerfully: A Teen Leadership Guide. Make sure3 tips on growing your passion you grab a copy!

Hopefully, you found this post informational, and it motivates you to grow your passion and strive to provide more value to others.  Also, I would love to speak at your next event, check out the programs I have to offer!

Lastly, always remember tomorrow is yours to create, and don’t limit yourself.

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