3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence

3 Key Tips On How To Build Cyberbullied Teen Confidence

3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Kid Confidence

Cyberbullying is the newest form of bullying that takes on a new approach to traditional forms of bullying. As of 2019, the percentage of children reports of being bullied via the internet or cell phone has grown.  I shared about bullying in a previous blog “What is Cyber Bullying“, that you can check out. My definition of cyberbullying is when a child or teenager is harassed, threatened, humiliated, or otherwise targeted for abuse using the internet, cell phone, or another digital communication device.


Cyberbullying only refers to children attacking other children, if adults are involved in the harassment than it is not called cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying should be taken seriously because it can be so damaging and even be illegal. I personally have talked and worked with a high school teacher recently, and she shared a situation, where students are taking pictures of other students in locker rooms, and posting images on Instagram to get laughs and embarrass another kid. This is crazy to me!


The potential audience for cyberbullying is unlimited on social media such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. These major platforms are making it even more appealing to bullies. Research studies show that girls are twice as likely as boys to be cyberbullies as well as being targeted by cyberbullies. Usually, boys are the most likely children to bully others, but this is not true with cyberbullying. Boys tend to physically intimidate others while girls use emotional methods, which can be perfectly carried out over the computer.


Cyberbullying also can be anonymous, and many children who are the victims of cyberbullying never know who was bullying them. Cyberbullying can happen anywhere that children have access to computer, tablet or cell phones. Back in the 90s, bullying used to be confined to school, but with cyberbullying, now it can reach children anywhere. Which is really hard for a kid’s self-esteem when they have unhealthy thoughts about themselves from the beginning.


About half of pre-teens tell a teacher or parent about their experiences with bullying in general, and this number drops as children get older. Us as individual teachers, counselors and parents have to build awareness of potential bullying situations and work on making the bullied kid feel confident.

3 key tips that can help bullied teen become more confident when experiencing cyberbullying is:                                            

 1) Unhealthy attitudes are signs of misery.3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Kid Confidence

 2) Continue to work on building successful worthiness within

 3) Regardless of what a cyberbully does just be positive!




From my experience of being a teen once myself, and working with troubled young adults, I have found out that most kids that are actively cyberbullying and oppressing other kids are struggling personally within themselves. They are dealing with habitual personal misery that needs correcting in order to develop a fruitful outlook on life. Bullied teens should know this! After talking with these teens, they show signs such as:

-Feeling Unloved

-Feeling Alone

-Feeling Stuck

-The feeling of having no real friends

-The feeling of being invisible

-Feeling that no one cares about them.


Switching to the cyberbully, parents we must take unwavering steps towards reminding our children how valuable and worthy they are of greatness. Greatness made them; therefore, greatness is within them. Take the time to talk about the teen issues and if necessary, seek other counsels to assist with dismissing unhealthy behavior within bully.


The cyberbully and bullied kids should be consistently reminded that any form of bullying can have serious consequences, and cyberbullying can be particularly dangerous because it can reach so many people and be so humiliating. Suggest they practice empathy, which in other words mean put themselves in another kid’s shoes, and allow themselves to imagine the emotions both parties feel in a situation.


Parents take cyberbullying seriously so that your child does not fall victim or bully others. 3 Key Tips On How to Build Cyberbullied Kid Confidence

Make your child aware that cyberbullying is unacceptable and if they are the target they should tell an adult right away. Taking action quickly is the best way to stop cyberbullying before it gets out of hand. And above all else sell the fact that another person can only give you information. It is up to you to truly accept the information as true or false.

Building confidence and self-esteem will help the bullied overcome oppressed behavior, and regardless of what others think, having a positive outlook about yourself will allow for a quick dismissal of anyone’s negative comments or actions. Make sense?


So let’s recap…cyberbullying is a very common problem that children face, and eventually, you will have to deal with it head-on. Because cyberbullying can turn into a severe problem, it should not be ignored. Do your best to make students aware that their actions are not acceptable and can have serious consequences, in regards to cyberbullying.

Parental involvement is also significant and can go a long way toward ending cyberbullying.

Remind your children of 1) Unhealthy attitudes are signs of misery. 2) Continue to work on building successful worthiness within 3) Regardless of what a cyberbully does just be positive!


Addressing both the cyberbullying victim and the cyberbully in a timely fashion is the best way to curtail bullying in your school and on the internet. Feel free to reach out to me, and I invite you to check out my new book Live, Learn and Lead powerfully: Teen Leadership Guide, where you can learn more ways on how to build confidence and become resilient.  As always, I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to come and speak on this topic of cyberbullying at your next event. Let’s talk about some programs I have to offer!.

Lastly, I invite you to remember this: Tomorrow is yours to create, don’t limit yourself!

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