Interview on Power To Live More Podcast with Jo Dodds

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Power To Live More Podcast -Motivational Speaker/Author Chaz Jackson It was awesome connecting with Jo Dodds. I am so blessed and honored to be featured on her platform! We talked about: Where a person’s identity and clarity about who they are starts The crucial role my wife plays in the management of my daily affairs…

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Why Do Children Bully?

ddressing bullying in children and teens small boy sitting alone in car with sad look on his face

I remember dating back to five years old, returning to school after a tragic scooter accident… I obtained a head injury and it left an abnormal looking scar on my forehead. Things were never the same afterwards… I developed this hard and isolated shell because of being labeled as different from my other classmates. Kids would call me mean names, laugh and point fingers as I…

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Interview on Electrified Mind Podcast with Philip Isaac

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Electrified Mind Podcast -Motivational Speaker/Author Chaz Jackson Check out the interview below. I am so blessed and honored to be featured on this platform! Shout out to Philip Isaac for sharing his time and effort with me!!! Listen to Interview Here I hope you enjoyed the article. Please check out my new book, Live, Learn…

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