Chaz Jackson "Be who you needed when you were younger."










The C.O.R.E Council - "What A Performance Chaz."

Student Club and Organization Members at Western Carolina University

"Mr. Jackson is a mastermind of life. Working with Chaz was such an honor and true blessing. His heart is of gold and his tongue is of platinum. I would highly recommend Mr. Jackson to anyone who is interested in hiring an inspiring and very easy to work with life coach."

Joy Washburn VanDyke-"Authentic & Real!"

4th Grade Teacher at Forest City-Dunbar Elementary School

We were so fortunate to have Chaz speak to our students! He did an extraordinary job in connecting with them on their journeys and motivating them to push past what they see as their reality. He was authentic, real, and encouraging. It was a privilege for our students to hear him speak, and I'm sure his message to them will not soon be forgotten.

Kendall Condit-"High Energy & Engaging!"

Principal at Westpark Elementary School

We are so thankful that Mr. Chaz Jackson connected with Westpark Elementary! Mr. Jackson brought his high energy, engaging message to our upper elementary students. The meaningful message connected to our Red Ribbon Week theme and key components of our focus to grow in excellence. The students were active members of his presentation which solidified the importance of goal setting and being a light to others. The students could not wait to share what they learned as they left for the weekend. I recommend him highly because he was on target, easy to work with, and kept our students engaged for the entire 45 minute presentation.

Andrea "AJ" Rea-"Honest, Compelling & Engaging Speaker!"

FW YMCA-Teen Support Program

Mr Chazeray Jackson came to speak to my YMCA High School Future Leaders club this past March 2022.  I am so glad that I reached out to him for this speaking engagement. About half of my students in this group come from hard backgrounds and attend alternative high schools.  This could be a result of bullying, lack of academic direction, or just their own home situations which cause them to fall behind, so they attend smaller more goal-oriented schools to get back on track.  2 of these students have been hard for me to connect with and are often seemingly disengaged.  One of these students actually has her hair cut so that she can cover her whole face.  When Mr Jackson came to speak, both of these students raised their heads, opened their eyes and uncovered their faces because Mr Jackson was such an honest, compelling, and engaging speaker.  I am grateful that Mr Jackson donated his time to us that day.  I took a survey from the students and Mr Jackson was, by far, the favorite speaker for the whole program.  I would recommend Mr Jackson to others any day of the week.  He was heart-felt, earnest, and vulnerable, which my students really responded to.  Thank you Mr Chazeray Jackson-we hope to see more of you in the future.

Tim Torvinen - "Chaz's speech was ON POINT"

Principal at East Rutherford Highschool

"Enjoyed Chaz presentation... Chaz was able to be very on point, very direct with our students, in guiding them into what they needed to do to be successful" 

Morgan Hoff - "​Chaz brings an authentic presence!"

Director of Education, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs

 "Chaz took the themes of life skills and self respect and turned them into an engaging, passionate, relatable story for our youth. He took the time to get to know our kids and try to relate to them on their level which he did with ease and natural ability. Our youth don't sit down and keep still very often so when they did for him, I knew they enjoyed it and they were engaging with him. Chaz was very personable and we appreciate the time he took to share his story with our youth."

Reid Bennett - "​I always look forward to Chaz speaking to my players."​​

Director, Gladiator Sports

"Chaz Jackson has the ability to take a real life situation and bring it alive, enabling us to relate.  Then, taking that same situation and turning it into a “Life Lesson”.  Teaching us that we can each learn from one another and achieve the goal of becoming the person God has designed us to be.  I always look forward to Chaz being in town and him speaking to my players.  End result is motivation.  Press ON Chaz!"

Rodney Allgood - "You can feel his passion to make a difference!"

International Keynote Speaker

"Being a speaker myself, as one who has spoken to thousands upon  thousands of teens, I thoroughly understand the special talent it takes to speak to a youthful audience. Chaz does not 'talk at' the the kids, he engages them. You can feel his passion to make a difference in the lives of of young ones, and more importantly, the kids feel it. He leaves them feeling, inspired, empowered and with the sense that they can do anything that they truly put their minds to!"

Carol Anders - "Dreamer & Doer!"

Asheville Radio 103.3 Dreamers & Doers

"It was a pleasure to have Chaz on the show this morning- he was prepared & his enthusiasm is inspiring.  I  admire his commitment to working with young adults - he is a dreamer & a doer."

Helen Voris - "Cares for Clients."

Honorable Client

"Thank you for all of your help, your careful watchfulness, your compassionate concern, and your good spirits. May you have a great success as you follow your dreams and raise your family!"

Julie Johnson-Busbin - "Chaz's Enthusiasm is Contagious"

Professor of Sales of Marketing at Western Carolina University

"Chaz provides a thought-provoking, motivational message. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and keep the audience engaged. The real-life examples Chaz provides gives him instant credibility with the audience."